Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live: Enjoy the UEFA SUPERCUP football game between Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid live on TV at HD broadcasting with us.

In the framework of the UEFA SUPERCUP Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid will meet in a friendly match on Thursday, just a few months after two clubs fought in the UEFA SUPERCUP finals.

This time, the stakes are much smaller, both sides concentrate on tactics and raise their status to the desired level until the new season.

Premier Sports will play in a fixture in the UK, and American viewers will be able to listen through ESPN + services and ESPNU. Direct links can be found in Premier Sports, ESPN + and ESPN Player.
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live

The competition will be held at the Singapore National Stadium, and the competition is scheduled to be held at 12:30. BST / 7:30 in the morning.

The last time these two teams met, “Real Madrid” was enough to make Atletico Madrid’s advantage in the European League, to beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 at home to win with a score of 2: 1. This result helped them To win the championship in the club of the second level in Europe, and the fighters returned empty-handed.

Since then, Atletico Madrid has moved from manager Arsen Wenger to present Unai Emery as the new responsible person. His debut against Boreham Wood is progressing well, with a regular 8-0 victory over the National League team:

Emory will not have much to learn in this game. This game is similar to the match with the Real Madrid team and will show him his performance in this team. It is very likely that he will once again provide enough playing time for some young players, and several other friendly matches have not yet arrived.

The Atletico team lacks a lot of names, Antoine Gritsmann, Diego Godin and others are still recovering from the 2018 FIFA World Cup:

Los-Rogiblanca has much less talent in Singapore than the Gunners, whose names include Mesut Ozil, Henry Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerik Aubameyan.

This should give Atletico Madrid a chance to win here, their talented striker against the lack of protection of Godin, Uruguay’s teammates Jose Maria Giménez and Sima Vrsalco, who played against Croatia in the final.

However, the results here are hardly important, because the two teams have no results so far.

The final of the UEFA Champions League 2018/19 will take place in Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, where Real Madrid hopes to host, and Los Rojiblancos hopes to win its first European title. Their journey home and earned this coveted prize began in Singapore, at a distance of 11,374 km.

They started the preseason against Atletico Madrid on Thursday, and they beat them in the Europa League semi-final on their way to the mainland season last season. In fact, 13 players on the move are young players, Kevin Heimiro and Lucianne Vietto leave the club, which means that this game will not be learned much, but for this game it will be a very good warm-up match. Jan Cloud, Juanfran, Angel Correa, Thomas Party, Rodri and Vitolo.

For Diego Simeone, the most important thing now is his statements about the speedy restoration of their health and rhythm, especially in the Super League European Cup against Real Madrid on August 15 and in the challenging Lalague in Valencia next weekend. war. In a game against Unai Emery and his artillerymen, Atletico will rediscover the football sensation of the Singapore National Stadium at CEST 13:35.

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