Lions vs Raiders

Watch Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders Live Stream

Teams: Lions vs Raiders

Time: 10:30 PM ET

Date: Friday on 10 August 2018

Location: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland.

The Detroit Lions is a professional football team of American football games at all. The NFL career of the team has built based on the Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit Lions plays the football games consisting the National Football Conference at North Division. The Detroit Lions play its home games at Ford Field in Downtown Detroit.

The overall records of the Detroit Lions in the regular season of the NFL games are 553-648 at all. That means the Detroit Lions has lost more games than winning victory over the NFL history.

After that, the Detroit Lions has won 7 Playoff trophy in the NFL games. They have also won 4 times NFL Championship trophy overall the football career until the last season of the NFL games.

In addition, the Detroit Lions have already captured 4 Divisional Championship trophy and 4 Conference Championship trophy till today. According to the previous ranking, the best player on the team is Barry Sanders.

In the same way, the Oakland Raiders is also an American football team in the United States. The team developed the professional football career on the basis of Oakland, California.

The Raiders kicked the professional football games in 1960 becoming the member of American Football League.

The Raiders competes the National Football League games at West Division of American Football Conference. The main fact is that the both of the team will face very soon in NFL games.

The Oakland Raiders is also an American football team in the West Division of American Football Conference. So the all-time result of the Oakland Raiders is 462-411.

The playoff record of the Raiders is nice. That means they have already won 25 playoff trophies out of 44 trophies over the seasons.

The Oakland Raiders has captured 3 Super Bowl trophy until the last season of the NFL games. It has also gained 3 Championship trophy through the NFL history. The best performer of the team is Gene Upshaw.

In the regular and preseason games, the Detroit Lions vs Oakland Raiders have met more than 12 games. Among them, the Detroit Lions have won .50% games and Oakland Raiders won .50% games against each other in the NFL history. Most probably, they will meet again very soon to play an enjoyable game in the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland.