Michigan State vs Penn State

Michigan State vs Penn State Live: Offensive and Defensive Numbers

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The 08th ranked Penn State Football team kicks off this evening against the Penn State Ducks, the 08th ranked team in the nation. Here are all the numbers you’ll need to know for today’s bout.

NCAA College Football 2018
Michigan State vs Penn State Live
Date : Saturday, Oct 13
Start Time : 03:30 AM ET

Michigan State Spartans vs Penn State Nittany Lions Live

Obviously, Michigan State has the edge here. Penn State certainly isn’t the air-it-out and spread style team that the Ducks are. Michigan State, behind the cannon of starting quarterback Justin Herbert, has the second most passing yards in the conference at a shade over 300.

NCAA College Football 2018 Game:

Michigan State once again has the numbers advantage in this phase of the game. Behind a constantly rotating committee of running backs, Michigan State can give defenses a myriad of looks on the ground game. Penn State, on the other hand, is another good running team. I know they average less yards than Michigan State, but they can’t be taken for granted — quarterback Chase Garbers included. You have to remember, this team has played overall stiffer competition than the Ducks.

It’s no secret that Michigan State has the more potent offense of the two. With certain future Sunday regular Justin Herbert taking snaps, and CJ Verdell and Tony Brooks-James behind him, and Dillon Mitchell out wide, this Michigan State offense has a plethora of weapons — enough to give any team fits on defense. If Michigan State is firing on all cylinders, the Cal offense will have a tough time keeping up.

Here’s where the number begin to favor the Ducks. Their secondary has been sturdy and reliable thus far, but hasn’t faced a passer as elite as Herbert. Michigan State’s secondary, on the other hand, has been a rather disappointing aspect of the squad. They cannot let Garbers get comfortable today.

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